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Welcome to Terra Pros, LLC - Land Development and Development Consulting Services

Terra Pros, LLC is a new kind of land development company. Our primary mission is to enhance the communities in which we work. We always address environmental considerations and evaluate "Green" technologies and construction procedures at the initial stages of our project development, to stay in step with the needs of the 21st Century.  Our Service Area is currently Southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, although we expect to expand our efforts in the foreseeable future.   

We hope to be at the front line of a trend that makes our communities more comfortable to live in, and easier to stay in.  Our strategy is to find clients, business owners, and communities with the same appreciation for our environment, to help us keep our communities as pristine as possible.

The expertise of our management team translates into a diverse project history, and the knowledge to complete nearly any type of development.  Forging relationships with a group of highly experienced partners is one of the most important aspects of real property development.  These partners are vital in addressing and overcoming the challenges that face nearly every project.  

We also provide our services to other land development companies, builders, or other individuals requiring assistance with certain specialized tasks.  Please see our Services page for more information.

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